WOW! HACK PAPER.IO COINS FOR FREE, UNLIMITED! is an offline game released in late 2016. With a simple game, but requires a good strategy to compete with other competitors.


How to play

How to play simply move your character by swiping on the screen into squares, rectangles, … to create a “land” for yourself. Depending on the character you choose, your “land” will have that color.

But you should also note that while you go “invade the territory” you also have a weakness that you can lose everything. It is your “tail” after each move to another territory, the opponent can use it to destroy all of your “territory”.

Of course, you can also do the opposite of the opponent, but you need to have a perfect strategy to not be playing back.

What I find interesting is that you can invade the territory of others, as long as not cut tail is okay; But do not be too greedy!

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Of course, you will definitely need a large amount of coins to make the journey to conquer your territory more easily. Let us help you.

Okay, get started?

– Use your smartphone and visit Find the article “” and click it.

– Click “HACK NOW“.

paper-io-hack-1 paper-io-hack-2

– Very quickly, the interface will appear on a table. Your task now is to simply fill in the Username, Platform, and Coins you want to hack. Complete it then hit “HACK (SERVER 1)”.

– Notifications are displayed. Hit “VERIFY NOW”

– Your screen will show up some apps, choose 2 of them by pressing the “FREE” button next to it. Finally click “TAP TO INSTALL” to download and experience. Wait a minute, all the steps have been completed.


– Go back to game and check out the dizzying coins in it.

Done !! Everything is very simple.

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